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Shoreline Aerospace is a U.S government prime defense contractor providing a plethora of genuine OEM parts to the Department of Defense of the U.S federal government.

Shoreline Aerospace is a defense procurement industry leader offering military representation to OEM’s and manufacturers as an authorized military distributor capable of streamlining complex government contracts and procedures.

We provide our military with essential logistical support, and enable manufactures and OEM’s to offer their products to new U.S government defense markets, while eliminating red tape and providing best value to the military’s end user.

The head office is located on a 13 acre campus at the Ft Lauderdale airport in a state of the art 60,000 square foot distribution facility. There are thirty five staff in the defense division.

Shoreline Aerospace works closely and daily with all U.S government Department of Defense (D.O.D) agencies with focus on the Defense Logistics Agency and U.S Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) agencies.

Incorporated in 2010, our team has been immersed in the defense market, cumulatively, for over 75 years and engages daily in communicating with our vendors, bidding, reviewing contracts, purchasing, receiving, testing, packaging, labeling, inspecting and shipping OEM products to the U.S. military and its allies.

As a leader in military equipment and parts distribution, Shoreline Aerospace’s commitment to our OEM relationships and to our absolute compliance with U.S government contract quality requirements is never ending as we continuously invest in technology, equipment and personnel.

Always evolving to meet the Department of Defense and its end user’s procurement needs, our success is as proven as our stability. Shoreline Aerospace sets ourselves apart from the crowd.

Our proprietary integrated software allows the staff to work together to achieve superior pricing and service times to its 80 end users around the world.

The main warehouse has a strong legacy parts inventory and provides parts and logistics support to its end user base. There are twenty staff in the commercial division.

As a designated small business we pride ourselves on continued development and change.

Shoreline Aerospace simply goes the extra mile in creating solutions for its military clients, and allows the warfighter and his equipment to be battle ready at all times.